Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application

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  Real Help With Your 501(c)(3) Application

If you are one of the tens of thousands of volunteers/non-profit staff members who will prepare a 501(c)(3) application this year, this accurate, up-to-date, plain English ebook is sure to help.

     Summit Lake at Dawn
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    Prepare Your Own
    501(c)(3) Application
    By Sandy Deja © 2016 400 pages              ISBN 978-0-9815280-3-8


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    New for 2016:

    - New Section on Form 1023-EZ (Looking for EZ information only? Click here.)
    - New Section on Form 8940, Request for Miscellaneous Determination
    - Guidance on changes in law and procedure since the last edition
    - New Handbook topics
    - Updated statistics; Updated links

    Why I believe Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application will meet your needs:

    Thorough -

    • A recap of basic 501(c)(3) requirements
    • Guidance on tasks to complete before applying for exempt status 
    • Part by Part help with Forms 1023, 1023-EZ, and 8940
    • What to expect after you submit your application package
    • Reinstatement help for automatically revoked organizations 
    • More - view Table of Contents 

    Practical - 

    I am grateful to book purchasers, users of my public service website, workshop participants, professionals and clients for insight into what people want and need when preparing an exemption application.

    • A checklist for submitting a complete application
    • Help writing the narrative
    • Guidance for putting together financial information
    • Access to filled-in forms
    • Charts, worksheets, flowcharts and similar visual aids
    • Profiles of related code sections
    • Sample board resolutions
    • Instructions for related IRS forms
    • Plain English explanations of IRS terminology
    • More - view Handbook Table of Contents

    Backed Up By Decades of Experience -

    • I have worked with Form 1023 almost daily since 1974
    • During 12 years as an IRS Exempt Organizations Specialist, I reviewed about three thousand exemption applications
    • Since leaving the IRS, I have personally prepared over one thousand Forms 1023, and reviewed at least that many prepared by others
    • More - view Resume

    Information You Cannot Find In Any Other Book -

    • Excerpts from the textbooks used to train IRS Exempt Organizations staff
      (obtained through the Freedom of Information Act)
    • A clickable flowchart illustrating EO application processing
    • Links to valuable information in the Manual used by IRS agents
    • Links to approved 501(c)(3) applications posted on the Internet

    Time-Saving & Up-To-The-Minute -

    • No other book on Form 1023 has a more current copyright date (as of May, 2016)
    • Purchase entitles you to receive Addenda when IRS makes significant changes
    • Specific hints on How to Use the book
    • Internal links help you quickly find specific information you need in the book
    • External links take you right to law and IRS information you need
    • A When to Call A Professional list lets you know if the book is not for you
    • You can be working with this downloadable ebook tonight, without driving to the bookstore or waiting for delivery of your Amazon order
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      Prepare Your Own
      501(c)(3) Application

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